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All Visitors, Please Read

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Lisa Lightner

I am sharing this message on the website, social media and here.

If you sign up for anything that is associated with ADayInOurShoes, including:

  • freebies I offer when you visit the site (signing in using the pop-up)
  • if you buy the IEP Toolkit
  • If you sign up for the free chat forums
  • If you take my online training

Please know this--on average, about 20% of people make a mistake putting in their email address.

Yes, as many as 20% of the signups bounce because the user put "gmial" instead of "gmail" or "yaho" instead of "yahoo" when filling in your email address. Typing in .co instead of .com is another common one.

And that number only includes the mistakes that we can see from behind the scenes. If you make a mistake typing in your email before the @ sign, we have no way of knowing if it's correct or incorrect.

So, if you're waiting on something from us, that may be the reason. If you never received a receipt or confirmation email, chances are there was an error along the way.

Email and privacy laws prevent us from fixing this. Yes, we could assume that you meant gmail and add you to the email list. We're not allowed to do that without you asking.

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