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Retaliation to the extreme

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Hi--I'm looking for parents and attorneys who have pursued retaliation claims against their school.  My case is very extreme and unheard of by even the most hardened advocates.  One of my children's teachers have developed an inappropriate emotional relationship with the child and are manipulating the child in ways that affect my child's mental health and my rights as a parent.  There is documentation in the school file, and the inappropriate behaviors have been observed by outside professionals.

The school has already been found for retaliating against me through my child for my special ed advocacy.   This is above and beyond that original incident. 

I would appreciate hearing about any successful retaliation actions against a school and/or lawyers who have experience with Education Civil Rights beyond access.  


Thanks so much

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Have you looked on Google Scholar for cases that involve retaliation?  It's pretty easy to go there and do a search.  (I'd put in a link to the site but whenever I put in a link, there's a delay with posting the comment in this site.)

I'm curious if there is a request in your child's file that 'given inappropriate behavior of XX as observed by outside professionals, can my child not have contact with XX in the future?'  In bigger schools, there tends to be more than one teacher with the same credentials where your child can be assigned to a different teacher rather than being put into a situation where this teacher could again be inappropriate.

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