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Found 2 results

  1. My son is in kindergarten in PA. It's only half day kindergarten. He's in full time autistic support class. I thought the iep meeting went surprisingly well and they put in his IEP all the things I was hoping that they would. In general, they've been very supportive of my concerns and his needs. When school started, I already had him working with an agency that provides tss 1:1. So as soon as school started the bht went to school with him, and also goes to daycare with him after school. I'm sure this was helpful to the school. Recently he had started going to general education class for part of the day with his 1:1 with him. Now, the 1:1 that is coming from the outside agency has a schedule change and isn't able to be there 3 days /week for am kindergarten times. His teacher emailed me last night because she doesn't have any other staff that would be able to take him to general education classes on those days and she wanted to know did I want her to try to send him without a 1:1? I asked my son and he was pretty clear he isn't going to that class alone. So I told her no. My question is... I do realize it's the school's responsibility to provide the 1:1 and that just because the outside agency isn't available doesn't excuse the school. I get that. But at what point should i make it an issue? Should I try to wait it out a little? It's sad that he can't go to general education those days now but I'd rather he not go than go and be terrified. How long should I wait to make it a big deal?
  2. Hi! I am a stay at home mom. My son is in first grade. He desperately needs a Para. His IEP leader says let's try other ways first. His teacher has stopped trying. Nothing gets done. Can I qualify to be my son's Para? That way the school won't have to pay and the teacher won't be so overwhelmed?
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