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Angela Tyszka

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Hello and welcome to the Michigan Parents Club. I'm so glad you found your way here. I started this club so we could talk about issues local to us.

My name is Angela and I live in the Metro Detroit area with my husband and two sons, who both have IEPs. I've been a Stay at Home Mom for the past 7 years but prior to that I worked in student services at a law school and was a disability services coordinator. While staying at home, I continued to attend trainings and conferences, both as an attendee and as a speaker. I also volunteered to be a school district representative for our county Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and I helped to start a parent resource and support group for parents in my local school district.  I have helped friends and family with IEPs and have participated in groups like this for years to share information and resources that I've gained. When both of my kids were finally in school full time, I found that I really wanted to do something I was passionate about. I felt I could make a difference in families' lives so I decided to start a special education advocacy business.  https://mistudentadvocacy.com

I'd love to hear more about all of you.

Michigan mother of two with IEPs, and owner of MI Student Advocacy Services. Trying to change the world one IEP at a time. 





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