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Consider HomeworkCoach as an alternative to a tutor

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HomeworkCoach is a nationwide service designed to help students with ADHD stay on top of schoolwork and develop Executive Function skills. We recruit and train qualified homework coaches who come to your home and help your child get organized, motivated and completing homework on time.  They will work with your child to develop study strategies and routines that will help them manage assignments without frustration or feeling overwhelmed. 

Take a look at our website to get a better idea of what we offer.  Then call Dennis, Lauren or Blake at 877-715-5442!

Here's a testimonial from a parent in Mooresville, NC

“Our daughter was struggling with executive functioning skills and completing homework assignments. My husband and I tried several different techniques and they would work for a short period of time but none were very successful. We were all frustrated and there were many instances where it consumed our daily lives. We had a referral to HomeworkCoach and it truly has been life changing! They found the perfect coach for our daughter. We no longer would argue about homework. The coach helped our daughter immensely and brought such relief to our family. I would highly recommend using their services. It is worth every penny.”

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Parents, just make sure the school is doing everything they should for your child's ADHD.  There are many accommodations that can be put in a 504 Plan to address ADHD and executive functioning skills, and both accommodations and goals for ADHD can be made part of an IEP.  You should be able to find recommendations for both on Lisa's website.  Also, make sure whatever is being used at school is compatible with any outside service you use, so that your child does not have to learn and remember two different sets of strategies.  Having said that, you may find that an private service is superior to the school's proposal and implementation of accommodations and/or goals, in which case you could choose to work solely with an outside provider.

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I'm all for accommodating a student who cannot do for themself.  The thing is that independance should also be a goal so coaching doesn't need to go on forever.  Teaching a student how to manage this for themself needs to be part of what gets looked at - and not just for homework.  Executive Functioning deficits seems to be associated with poor social skills.  You use Executive Functioning to do a lot of things.

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