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A parent of an autistic child sent me an email.   Shehas three assessors that need to observe him.  Also, she said that the observations can only be one hour and not two hours that the observers want.The woman at the Cambrian School district office in California told her only one observation per month is allowed.  Can the district limit the number of observations and time?   
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That doesn't sound right.  The provider needs to follow the protocol of the test they are doing.  It shouldn't take 6 months to get through the observation portion because of restrictions the school wants to put on observation time.

Can you change the title of this to include 'California' since they seem to have a lot of rules that the other 49 states don't have.  This is definitely a CA specific question and I'm not sure how to answer this.

This link (https://www.cde.ca.gov/sp/se/lr/om031121.asp) says:  LEAs may not impose other conditions or timelines that are inconsistent with the LEA’s criteria used to initiate its own evaluations and/or would deny the student’s and parent’s right to obtain an IEE at public expense.

If the LEA only allows their evaluators 1 hour a month of observation, then they can restrict this on the IEE is what this seems to say.

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