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Service Continuum Inconsistencies

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Hello, I am seeking an answer to a legal question to understand what kind of ground I have to stand on.  My son, Matthew, has Hyperlexia, but is not on the autism spectrum. He qualifies for services under SLI, OHI, and AUT. Think gestalt language learner, pragmatic and receptive language challenges. 

Matthew is a 6th grader (middle school) and has ELA and Math offered in a "directed" setting --taught by ed specialist, smaller class size, slower pace, grade level standards, accommodated. He's THRIVING. Independent, keeping up, managing assignments, completing work---doing it all with very little home help. His other 2 core academic classes, Science and Social Science, are only offered (district wide) in a collaborative setting --Gen Ed teacher, roaming aide, full class size, regular pace ----it's too much for him--too much input too fast. He entered as Accommodated and we moved to Modified in October to alleviate the anxiety (started seeing sensory things we had not seen in years). It's far from ideal knowing he is capable of getting his HS diploma.  The district offers Directed classes for all academic courses in High School. They just don't offer for Science and Social Science in Middle School. 

My question is this--can we force their hand legally to fill in this gap for my son who needs these offerings to be in his most appropriate setting?  I have met with district leadership and continued communications with them since October. I have been told they are implementing a "3 year plan" to addressing inconsistencies in offerings at the Middle School level. Middle school is just 3 years, so by the time they are done, it won't help my son. The school team are working with have but it's just placing bandaids on the issue and nothing is getting solved.

Thank you for any info you cab provide,

Julie 🙂 


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