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Local board of trustees: this is crazy

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In my son’s charter school a revised parent guide lists emotional dysregulation as a behavior as level 1 offense. 

It’s just crazy. It is becoming clear to me they are trying to use a new school wide discipline system in lieu of special education and behavior interventions. 

I have begun advocating against this because that is just wrong. He has one more year there before high school. 

It may be revised yet before school starts.

this maybe the wrong place to post but if you have supporting sources or further reading I’d appreciate.

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IDEA lists Emotional Disability as a disability that can qualify a student for an IEP.  Common sense says that someone with ED might be emotionally dysregulated at times.  Schools cannot make a manifestation of a disability as a Level 1 offence.  I'm assuming your child has an IEP and ED is one of the disabilities listed in it.  Lisa has more on this.


My suggestion is writing a parent letter of concern stating that you are concerned if your child's ED is not properly supported at school via their IEP, they might become dysregulated.  You do not wish to see your child disciplined due to a Level 1 offense because of a known manifestation of their disability because the IEP wasn't followed or was not adequate to support their need in a situation that was unanticipated by the IEP team.  Make sure your concerns are copied into the IEP.  Hopefully, the IEP team will meet and figure out a way to prevent your child from getting disciplined because the IEP didn't support them.

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my son is autistic and adhd. He has become dysregulated in stressful situations. What is stressful for him is not for other students. He makes noises or comments not related to the class when he experiences stress or anxiety. In his IEP, we have steps to help him regulate and to express himself. 

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