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Asking school to reimburse for outside eval that found previously undiagnosed concerns

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I’ve been working with outside providers to get independent evaluations for my 9year old son since the school’s PPT team has ignored my concerns and other outside evaluators suggestions for specific supports since K due to the fact that he is “on grade level”. 

Last year the school paid for a Neuropsych eval that endorsed an evaluation to rule out dysgraphia and dyslexia. I immediately put him on waiting lists and that report is coming in next week. 

Unfortunately, our insurance didn’t cover it. We even asked the provider to change the codes submitted to one the insurance claimed was needed for reimbursement. 

Would it be within my rights to ask for the district to reimburse us for the evaluation cost? 

If so, how would I go about that? 

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What is the school using to determine he's on "grade level."  My guess is that it is something like grades or standardized testing that doesn't rise to the level of a proper evaluation.  But the neuropsych eval should have included academic testing and provided data to determine eligibility.  Did you have a Review of Existing Data meeting or Eligibility Meeting after this evaluation was received by the school district?  They should have held a meeting to go over the results with you.  Even though it was done by an outside evaluator, it's basically their report.

If they didn't hold a meeting, you need to reach out and request one to see if the data in the neuropsych report is enough to meet the eligibility criteria in your state (make them show you the eligibility criteria during the meeting and how the data in the report either does or does not meet it; better yet, look it up before the meeting so you're informed on your state's criteria or call your Department of Education and ask for it).  After the meeting, if the team determines no eligibility, make sure you get a Prior Written Notice to that effect with reasons why.

Getting a report regarding dysgraphia and dyslexia diagnoses may be on you because that isn't really necessary.  It's not about the actual diagnosis - that is not what determines eligibility.  It's about the data and present levels irrespective of diagnosis.  I would think the neuropsych eval would have covered that.  If not or if you disagree, request an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE).  That you would NOT have to pay for unless the school district decides to take you to due process to prove they should not have to provide one (which rarely ever happens).

Having said all that, it never hurts to ask...


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