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Advise on not having services due to special Ed teacher on maternity leave

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My 10 year old has an IEP. He has 3 hours a week special education services including reading and wiring. His special Ed teacher is on maternity leave since last week. I contacted the supervisor who said they are trying to find a replacement. How do I go about this? Is there a way I can get the missed hours?

is there a way I can get them pay for private tutoring?

is there a way I can get home instructions?

how long does the district has to find a replacement before they have to provide private tutoring? ( is there is any time line available)

thank you!!!

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There is a shortage of sp ed teachers so it's hard to find one willing to do a short term assignment to cover a maternity leave.  If you are in a more rural area, this will only make things worse.  There are a few solutions.  (1) Have the teacher makeup the missed time once they return.  (2) You can ask about a tutor but what schools do is instruction - not tutoring.  There should be a scope & sequence to the support where tutoring isn't always like that.  In other words, tutoring isn't an IEP service.  (3) With home instruction...if they had someone willing to come to school; finding someone who does house calls is harder.

There is no time line with this.  The teacher is a credentialed professional.  You can't just hire anyone to replace them.  The person needs to have the credentials to do this.  I'd ask if it's possible to have instruction made up over the summer.

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You might have a local timeline, check with your parent center.


However, home instruction is extremely unlikely because the school's first aim will be to get someone in the classroom (I'd venture to say the options of home instruction and private tutoring are at the bottom of the list of options).

I agree your best bet is to look into summertime minutes.

Ideally, a school would have tried to arrange all this before leave, but you can't hire blood from a stone or something.

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