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Intra District Transfer Revoked

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My 7yo son who is on an IEP is on an intra district transfer from his home school. He has missed quite a few days but I have doctors notes he has caught everything under the sun. We were sent to a DART meeting stating his intra district transfer has been revoked and will go back to his home school for next school year. This meeting was with the school district’s Assistant Superintendent I filed an appeal stating he has excused doctors notes as well as emotional distress at times from what some of the staff has put him through. Which made some days hard to go to school (he cried through tantrums and was literally in fear to go back to school) he struggled so much. They didn’t care they denied my appeal. You see it’s been a journey to finally get where he has friends he struggled for the past 3 years in making friends he w as lonely nobody wanted to play with him he now has a group of friends. He has his routine he knows his school and the staff and where to go. It’s not scary for him he is now in the stage where he is going to school. Changing to another school would be so emotionally detrimental for him. They told me kids are resilient yes they are but they don’t know my son and the emotional struggles he went through he has made progress and is happy yea of course he still has challenges he’s but to finally get him where is now se sign him back to a new school, new staff and now having to make friends they may not want to play with him he struggles with his ADHD will spiral him into fear, not wanting to go to school, it’s a lot of emotional distress for a little guy. My question is if I have doctors notes for his absences can they deny my appeal. What rights does my son and us have? It’s the same school district he just does not go to his home school. They told me his home school has less kids on IEPs okay that will not help my sons emotional and social skills nor will it help his education if he is lonely and going through stress and emotional issues due to this big change for him. What are our rights can they just do this? 

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