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difference between 2 programs

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My online training is four components in one--

  • Parent Advocacy Training
  • Pro Advocacy Training
  • Deep Dives into IEP topics
  • includes IEP toolkit

I need to work harder at better messaging, but I'm an advocate....not a marketer!

I've been trying to message it differently--because I want people to realize that it's for both parent advocates and pro advocates--it just matters which components you do. The parent advocate may never do the pro modules, but they will always have access to them.

The world needs more advocates, so I want everyone to have access if they should ever decide to change careers. And, for the pro advocates, I don't want them to think "well, I'm already working, so I don't need this." Because the pro advocates get 3 live attorney chats every fall and spring--so that alone makes it worth it.


Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

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