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  1. I had my daughter’s IEP meeting and had some questions about her testing. I had asked for additional testing, she is fourth grade. After looking through all of the scoring, I saw that her IQ went down 16 points. I know that. IQ doesn’t necessarily always indicate anything, I expressed my concern with this change as all of her other scores were within the average range. My concern was that if the IQ was not valid, maybe other tests weren’t either. I also know another parent whose child tested the same way on IQ test , with lower cognitive scores so they didn’t have to label her as LD and provide services. When I questioned the validity of the test I was given two excuses but the school psychologist: 1) it was a different test (she was given two tests 3 years ago one was a neuropsychologist 116, one at school 119) 2) maybe she was having a bad day ( I reminded her that at the pre-CSE she was telling me how excited my daughter was to go with her, how she was always happy, how she loved the testing, etc. I mentioned my concern being the ones presented for her transition to middle school and that I was concerned that the staff there wouldn’t see the discrepancy and see her as an average student. I expressed that I would be submitting a formal claim for an IEE and PPS co-chair said I didn’t have basis to do so.Am I wrong in thinking something seems off?
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