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  1. Update: I spoke with the special ed. teacher last night at PTC. She said that Gabe is successfully accessing the general ed curriculum but decides not to complete his work. she used the word DEFIANCE... I about lost it... To me defiance is the same as saying a brain injury survivor is non compliant. It is a cop out. It means, 'I do not have the time or energy to investigate why the behavior is occurring and no desire to figure out a different way.' I asked how they choose the gen. ed. teacher who represents the school. She basically said it is randomly assigned and the school wont change it because my son "needs to learn to work with all types of teachers." The teacher I would prefer is his homeroom teacher. The teacher assigned is his 3rd hour teacher.
  2. Can I ask for a different general education teacher to be the representative at the IEP meeting? This is the most basic of backgroud information... My 6th grade son (ASD, ADHD, SPD, PLD, suspected Dysgraphia) is VERY smart academically and successful when provided the correct support. When left to his default pattern, he can get 100% on the test but won't get the day-to-day work completed unless it is something he is interested in (can sit for days without anything done or finish something in 10 minutes). He struggles in areas of tolerance and processing speed. The teacher chosen to represent the general ed is of the "This is how we do it/He is capable and choosing not to do the work" variety. No surprise, my son has not completed the day-to-day work in his class. There is another teacher who has a background in special education. She is able to adjust her style and all work has been completed. I’m not exactly sure how they choose which teacher participated but I would like the second teacher to represent the general education portion of the IEP team.
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