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  1. Your understanding is correct. Thank you for that reply and great suggestions. She came home today and said she didn't want a different paper when everyone else did their work and kids ask why she gets something different. Her goals are not specific and do not meet her needs. She his high risk for math LD as well as reading. I've been working on a document to address the school. Thank you again!!
  2. My 9yo has an allotment for extended time in her recommendations from a Neuropsychologist as well as listed in her IEP. There is no language about the percentage of time increase. Her 3rd grade class has daily timed math fast facts. If she doesnt get it completed a new sheet comes home to do. She came home from school with several layers of skin chewed off her thumb. I addressed the school re the anxiety and the best they offered was to "give her another Math sheet to work on while everyone else is completing their daily fast facts, then send her fast facts home to complete. I have recommended partial transcribing (also listed in neuropsych report) and they refuse to do that. How can I address these issues? Does her IEP need to be more specific?
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