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  1. Thank you for this. It is very useful information for me to take back to discuss with the Sped director. so far she has not responded to my email as a follow up the the math question at the IEP annual review meeting a couple days ago. At the meeting she suggested peer tutoring at school as the solution. I’ve been told told that is something that is accessible to all typical kids so not appropriate as the sole solution for my daughter. Additionally, with her Selective Mutism and social anxiety and the real possibility of being tutored by a different peer each week that would be difficult for her. Thanks again. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi all, my 10th grade daughter has selective mutism/ social anxiety and has had an IEP for years. She has made much progress and speaks to many teachers and peers freely but not all. She is struggling in algebra 2 despite the math teacher being wonderful and helping her some days before school and again alter in the day during advisory period. She spends a lot of time each night trying to get everything completed and has started to have headaches and TMJ due to stress and anxiety over math. Yesterday at the annual IEP meeting we asked for a modification/reduction of the amount of work she needs to complete each day. The SPED director was resistant to this and suggested we just try peer tutoring at school but also agreed 2- 3 hours a day is too much. We are going to meet again as we didn’t get through the IEP yesterday in the meeting. so I am typing up an email this morning to memorialize and again to request a reduced assignment amount. Perhaps all odd or all even numbers. she only needs this on the assignments where she is struggling. Some assignments she is able to grasp and complete fully. I’m seeking advice in reference to asking for this. We do not want to jeopardize her credits and ability to graduate but just want to reduce her stress so she can learn. Thanks for any input that may be helpful.
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