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  1. I am a mom who has an amazing daughter with the dx Down Syndrome. I live in Magnolia Tx. We are in Magnolia ISD. Zoe has a cognitive along with intellectual disability. Zoe is a sophomore in highschool who loves music and loves to dance. I have had to fight my whole life to get the school to help teach her to read. She had OT but we have a therapist who doesn’t want to do her job. She wants Zoe’s OT to focus on her making a grocery list even though she is t reading. She has fine motor issues. How can we make grocery lists when she is still reading at Kinder lever. Her comprehension is at a 6th grade level. The school uses her intellectual disability as an excuse not to teach her to read. She will be a junior so how do I incorporate Transition/Independence goals in her IEP?
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