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  1. Hi1 I am working with a family in California. Under Special Education and Related Service for Primary Services for Specialized Academic Instruction it lists the Ed Specialist as the provider for 3 hours/week and for service delivery method it says "refer to service delivery description." Under Service delivery instruction it says "Prompting support from paraeducator during writing assignments, collaboration and consultation with general education teacher and ed specialist in order to create and provide graphic organizers and visual supports as needed." For Language and Speech it says 12 hours per year (I hate when they list frequency this way) and it also says "refer to service delivery description." Under Service Delivery it says "Services will be provided in combination of direct small group instruction and class room push in, as well as consultation and collaboration with teachers and staff to support suspected areas of need and generalization of skills." My question is should small group instruction be listed separately from class-room push in? Shouldn't consultation be listed separately? I am a new advocate and my understanding is that it should not all be lumped together on one line. This is a child that was falling apart in kindergarten (refusing to participate, getting very angry, not responding well to his teacher's management style which did not bode well with his PDA/Autism profile). He is in first grade now and doing very well with support, medication, and frankly a different teacher.His IEP is tomorrow and they want to reduce his support hours which I don't disagree with, but they have not provided any real data on his progress report (more subjective statements) and the service delivery description includes so many different delivery models that I don't know how they are really accounting for the time. Any advice welcome!
  2. Thank you Carolyn. We have sent an email back to them addressing the lack of specific information on the PWN. Hopefully they respond. She requested the FBA on January 18th. An IEP was held Feb 13th to discuss the FBA (among other requests including the 1:1 aide and more testing/evaluations). She has not consented to that IEP because of the issue with the FBA. His annual IEP is due by March 10th. They have not officially scheduled it, but she has given them dates/times she is available next week. I assume that all of the issues will be discussed at this IEP. IF they don't get her the PWN by next week's IEP then I guess she will see what happens at that meeting and request a new PWN from that IEP if necessary.
  3. Hello, I am helping a friend who lives in California. She requested a PWN after the last IEP where her requests for a 1 on 1 aide and FBA to create a BIP (they said they could create one with "informal data") were denied. The IS sent her the PWN and the Assessment Plan (they agreed to a full evaluation because it has been almost 3 years since his ETR and he is now in kindergarten). There are 3 pages. The first two are labeled Assessment Plan and Prior Written Notice but page 1 is the PWN and page 2 is the Assessment Plan. Page 3 says Assessment Plan Signature Page. Should there be a signature page for the PWN? She agrees with the assessment plan other than the lack of FBA. The PWN is not accurate, so it needs to be redone before she agrees or disagrees. If you read the law it does not say that a parent has to sign the consent, so I am wondering if this is state specific. Should she write on the form what she disagrees to? Has anyone seen the PWN and Assessment Plan put together like that? Thanks for your help! Elizabeth Doolittle
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