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  1. I have and nothing has been done
  2. Is there anything I can put in the IEP to keep my son safe from others special needs kids that hit? This has been a huge issue and the school has not taken my requests for a health and wellness plan or any accommodations to help keep him safe. I just keep being told it’s a staffing issue, not an IEP one. My son has developed vomit induced anxiety because of this on going problem. Its only 3 kids lately but I feel because they have special needs to my son isn’t getting any help. I should point out the have moved him classes 4 times to try and stop the issues but then move the problem kids into the same class a week later. He was in all day special ed but I was told the only way to get him away from those kids was to put him in part-time gen ed. He is such a sweet and kindhearted kid that he would never hurt someone on purpose and he cant understand why these kids keep hurting him. He is 6 and in 1st grade. Its hard to force a kid to go to school when they know they are going to be hit in the stomach while at school. I have exhausted all resources available to me in my current area and need help from someone that might have experience with this type of situation. I just bought your IEP guides hoping to find some answers but I haven’t seen anything in all the download files. Thank you for reading this
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