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  1. We suddenly have our daughter's IEP tomorrow. We can't postpone because tomorrow is the last day the yearly IEP can be held. We hope to get her into a private school next year as she transitions into middle school. I would like to include some goals that will work with the private school, or at least be tolerable for them. Regardless of whether or not she attends private or public school the need is about the same. 1) How can we write goals that will allow her to only have to complete 50% or 60% and still pass her classes. This would be across the board to include science, social studies, math, and reading. Science and social studies both have a lot of reading as well as the math in science. How can we write goals that address this? 2) Next year our school district is doing away with tier 3 math and totally mainstreaming. They justify it by putting tier 3 kids into a math lab where they get extra help. That will not work if the material is not understandable in the first place. She is at about 7th percentile so regular 6th grade math will be over head from day one. How can we write goals and objectives that forces the school district to put her in a tier 3 math class for her main math class besides giving her a math lab? 3) This school district absolutely cannot be trusted. My daughter's IEP is always in March. This past September we got a PWN that said they were holding a meeting to have my daughter's IEP changed to match what the school was doing which was mainstream her in everything except speech. They held the meeting when they knew I wouldn't be able to attend. About two years before the IEP team wanted to put my son into 100% behavior support. After looking at the data, which was excellent, it was determined that he attend his regular classroom in the morning for the first two hours and also during the last hour. The IEP was written and signed by all that he would be in behavior support only 50% of the time or less. They then rewrote the IEP to change it to put him in behavior support 100% of the time without letting us know. When I found out a few months later (I had trusted they were doing things as we all had originally agreed.) they refused to admit what they did as they had destroyed the original IEP. I had the only copy which magically disappeared when I was not looking. We had no recourse. Now you see why we want to get our kids out of the public school system here. HELP!
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