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    I would. the only thing they can say is yes, here it is or no. I recently received a PWN I had asked twice for , for a request I had made. After receiving the PWN I realized we were talking about two different things!
  2. What does anyone know about having the School District send someone to your home to receive services at your personal residence? This is what has been proposed by the Sp Ed case manager. It will be discussed at tomorrows IEP meeting. My Dr filled out the form the school gave to allow this to happen. I have very mixed feelings about letting someone into my home. Does anyone have experience with this? It started because I requested an Aid to accompany my child to class. I was told the school has no aids. I told her she was not providing his free and appropriate education. So I got a form, for the Dr to fill out to request home instruction because the child could not attend class in person. Dr was happy to fill it out. Dr was not happy with the school failing to provide a placement that would work. Our Dr had recommend a 3rd party school, that is on the district list, for services. That was given a no without even being looked into. My 8th grader is homeschooled, but has had an IEP since K( which he then repeated at a different school). Last year he received services at a small K-8 school(about 90 in JH). The district moved services to be received at a closer JH, with about 1,000 students total. I met with case manager in Aug before school started. The IEP meeting in Sept. added everything that I had asked for to goals. But my child does not do change well. It was OK that he was going to have a different teacher. What he has refused /been unable to do is go down the hall and go into the group classroom. Last year, he received services for writing with his twin, just the two of them , and for reading it was also just him and one other student. This year, all IEP's are serviced at the same period, in one of two adjoining classrooms of 10-15 students. We visited the rooms before school began, without students. Even then he hid in the pocket created by the partition between the rooms. He has refused to go to class all year. That is correct, he has never been to the class once. It is April.
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