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  1. A year ago, the school district agreed to a settlement to pay for a private school placement for the remainder of last school year and all of this school year. The agreement says they will complete their re-evaluation and decide if they will continue to pay for private placement for next school year & 2023 ESY by June 1. ESY at the current private school starts two weeks later, in mid-June. I am nervous because they spoke as though they're not sure they will continue to send him to the same school for ESY. He cannot handle another change in settings/people, especially with that short notice. They said because it is a settlement, they don't have to follow the 60-day re-evaluation requirement nor make the ESY decision by the end of February, which is typically required in PA. Do I have any legal recourse to get them to provide their decision before June 1? Is there anything I can do to push them to at least agree to pay for ESY in June?
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