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  1. I did request an IEE on his issues the school still does not agree with the 2 evaluations they had to pay for. So they told me he could only get a 504 but now he is starting to fail again so I am trying to find someone to help me to get his iep back.
  2. My son is in the six grade. He is below average on all the tcap test. They took his IP away about a year ago and gave him a 504. I had a valuations done inside the school and outside of the school district. He is diagnosed with autism and ADHD, and desperately and trying to get an IEP, returned to him. Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. That’s exactly what they said I just went to meeting yesterday and they disagreed with both evaluations that they paid for said it didn’t effect is education they gave him a 504
  4. My son is 11 with autism and adhd. The school said he tested out of iep so I requested IEE. It shows he needs help in math,memory, processing speed is slow and he is failing some class. I have meeting tomorrow any advice would be appreciated
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