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  1. @EmilyM she's her own guardian. CPS never did the work on there end to apply for Guardianship because she didn't receive SSI. I'm her previous Surrogate parent from when she was placed in an RTC. As her Surrogate Parent, I advocated for her in the school and community settings. We've kept in contact over the years and now she's back in my city. I'm currently providing her a place to stay but the commute is unbearing to get her back and forth to school when it's stated in the IEP. The bullying is occurring from the paraprofessionals, principals, and teacher. They all know her situation so they harass her asking when is she leaving, and why are you still here? The principal and grade level principal has both approached her at lunch telling her there's no transportation and you can't come back here. I'm contacting APS because at this point it's mental and emotional abuse. Sincerely, Tiffany Johnson
  2. Hello everyone, I have a case of an unaccompanied young adult that receives special education support and services at a Texas High School. I've been helping with her school situation for the past three years as her former Surrogate parent. She recently lost her extended foster care placement and was withdrawn from her high school of origin by the school principal. After I filed a bullying complaint on the district's staff and administrators on the campus. The principal has since denied her related service of transportation to and from the school which is noted in the IEP amendment. I tried to re-enroll her through the homelessness liaison but was told that my home was stable although she has no home. The school has since re-enrolled her back in school but will not provide the related service of transportation. The school is also denying her accommodations and the staff is bullying her. I have been told this wouldn't be a denial of FAPE if I file a complaint because the school has the right to not provide transportation anymore. Any insight would be much appreciated! Sincerely, Tiffany Johnson
  3. I'm an educational surrogate for students in foster care at different local school districts in Texas. I represent as the parent because group homes and some foster homes can't represent the children as their parent(s) at the IEP meeting. It's a conflict of interest. I have an durable POA for my foster adult daughter because she can't make decisions on her own without guidance.
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