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  1. Morning thoughts: came across the term "learning boundary" instead of learning disability. It's an interesting paradigm shift. Part of me likes the shift away from dis--ability. But struggling with the idea of boundary being a limit/line you can't cross and thinking "can only go this far". On the other other hand... part of me thinks teachers would have a better idea if we used the word boundary... basically this is how far the kid can go on his own and he needs your help from there. (A softer line in the sand perhaps not a hard boundary. ) I'm just thinking about the accountability piece with teachers as well and how to bring that in. Like disability absolves them somehow "Oh I don't know how to work with that" and difference also absolves them a bit "that's just how they are" and I'm wondering about a word that bring together all of that... encompasses I struggle but need help, you should be willing to help and together we can do it. a lot of pressure on a word. The mental visual I have of a boundary as a wall that someone is being helped over appeals to me a little bit. Thoughts?
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