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  1. Also - The Sp Ed director kept referring to our daughters report card and how well she is doing but of course it is about equal access and not her grades. We also had an educational specialist at our meeting who works with our audiologist. I have searched online and have some some supportive documents, but was looking for some advice here as well.
  2. Hello, My daughter is 14, has an IEP and uses cochlear implants to hear as she is deaf. We have had 2 CSE meetings and at our last one our request for CART was denied - even though our hearing specialist argued for it, and we had data (functional listening assessment) supporting how she does not have access. We also had multiple examples of times our daughter could not hear what was said in class. We are moving to request a PWN. Does anyone have a sample letter or advice on what to include? I have searched online, but was looking for some additional input. Thank you in advance!
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