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  1. How interesting! Will look it up.
  2. He does not have a 1:1 para. The teacher said it is not necessary bc he is in a classroom with 7 children, 3 paras and teacher. I say BS
  3. My child struggles to learn in a group. The group could be 3 people or 30 and they are all the same. He thrives with individual attention and instruction. He is in an ASD classroom and is pulled out usually for gym, music, art. Is this something we can request in an IEP? Or is this beyond the scope of what special education would provide?
  4. Two things.... 1.) My child is being provided a speech device through the school, but he is arriving with a device he received through private insurance and is extremely proficient with for the past few years. The school is providing mixed messages. The ST is saying the device will have the exact same language/system/vocabulary. She is also saying there may be different login pages. (I am assuming this to mean maybe a login screen or such with the school system's logo or disclaimers or whatever?). The teacher, however, is claiming that the school device use the same program, but the language/vocab will be slightly different, and that she would prefer we change everything over to this layout because it is easier for the teachers (!!!) because they are already used to this system (!!!). Can you reject a school-provided speech device on grounds it would require my child to learn an entirely new system? Would you need to call an IEP meeting to require use of child's personal device? Any other thoughts/ideas, please let me know. 2.) My child frequently scripts on his device. Understandably this can be disruptive to listening to instruction, and we need to work on listening skills. However, the teacher is asking the device be put face down, or set on a separate area of the room. This is a pretty slippery slope. Any thoughts/ideas on how this is addressed? The IEP states that my child will have consistent access to the device at all times.
  5. Do you have info regarding the same for state of Michigan?
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