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  1. I have a 13 y/o who has been on a 504 since the 3rd grade. At that time she was diagnosed with ADHD and SLD in reading and writing. At the time the report suggested a 504 accommodations for her ADHD and a 'tutor' doing Orton Gillingham for SLD. She's in a charter. At the time we signed on for the accommodations. Now she is in 8th grade, same charter, and we've realized that while she is doing decently in her studies, she does this with "work arounds" she's figured out vs. having the actual skills. Example would be listening to audio books vs. reading for book reports/reading assignments. Brilliant work around and now an accommodation but not the actual skill. SO - my question, I would now like to get her on an IEP and help her 1-2 hours a week with some reading/writing support. Not asking a lot but think it would help her moving in to high school and onwards. We are starting the process with the school soon but any tips and hints would be much appreciated. We are coming armed with old reports and testing and "data" because that's what they keep telling us the need.... Cheers, KC
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