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  1. Thank you for the answer. They did not eval him when we moved here because he just had an eval the previous year. They used the previous eval as you stated. Thanks again!
  2. Hello, My question is in regards to the triennial evaluation, when you move to another state does it reset the timeline. We moved from CA to NC 2022. My son would have been due the evaluation in spring 2024. Our current school stated that it reset when we moved to this state so he is not due until 2025. Is that correct? I had assumed it is under federal guidelines so it would not matter state to state. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the answer! It was very helpful. I reread all I could to check both state law federal laws and couldn’t find anything that specifically said a parent can request an iep meeting and it had to be granted, so I reached out here.
  4. I had a friend reach out today, she verbally requested an IEP meeting with her son’s special education teacher to discuss her concerns that he currently does not spend anytime with non disabled peers, or in a mainstream classroom. The teacher told her it was too early to schedule one and instead scheduled a parent teacher conference with the principal, and the teacher. She asked both myself and here ABA case manager to attend with her. The only advice I felt comfortable enough to offer was to request a meeting in writing to start the documentation trail. We are in NC, is this allowed? Thanks!
  5. I am not a professional advocate yet: but I am now training to be one because my son went through a similar situation and my blood boils for you! Yes they can do this and yes let it happen. I do not recommend picking him up unless they provide you documentation that this was an out of school suspension, I also recommend an an immediate iep meeting, because clearly his needs are being met.
  6. Hello, i recently purchased the parent academy in dont iep alone course offerings, I would now like to purchase the full $300 course. I emailed the website asking for the credit Mrs lightner offered to apply so you don’t purchase the same info twice but the person that responded from the website did not have that info. Please help. I have the email chain and will provide if necessary. Thanks!
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