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  1. We live in Indiana. This is the first time since our son got his IEP as a first grader that we have ever had a TOR who is incompetent. She is forgetful, scattered, doesn't respond to all questions, concerns or emails and cannot come up with any ideas to help our ASD1/ADHD son. Most of her attempts to get him to get work done in class is by telling him to do it. Then she emails me saying that he "refuses" or "won't" or "ignores" her. Previous TORs have then come up with strategies to help him with these as they are obvious ASD/ADHD issues. The principal apologized in a phone call with me (2 weeks after school began and I became very concerned with her abilities) that they didn't give her adequate "onboarding" and that is on them. I have since discovered that she was hired the day before school began, having never worked in our district prior, but had worked in other districts. My son has been in school now for nearly 3 months. I have a ridiculous amount of emails to the school backing me up. Also I have been the one coming up with strategies for her to try with him! We also have a very large high school and more than one TOR for freshmen. Which leads to my question: Can we request a different Teacher of Record/Resource Teacher for our freshman in HS? Thanks!
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