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  1. I just got an email from the LEA representative stating that "only took on Local Educational Agency (“LEA”) status when (child)was discharged from her inpatient hospitalization", which was several weeks after registration (registration on September 25th, discharge occurred October 18th). I can't find any information on when a school district takes on as the LEA other than when a student transfers, and it doesn't have provisions for hospitalizations. Part of me thinks she's just posturing in a weird way that doesn't matter, but I'm still getting red flag vibes.
  2. We do have an IEP meeting scheduled for Wednesday. I've sent a new parental concerns letter last week, and this morning sent a request for agenda and any draft IEP they have created. The hospital did provide a mix of what they called homebound instruction (at the residential setting) and their private academy, but the short amount of time they were involved did not generate any progress reports or report cards. I have provided the school with this information, and they are still demanding access to the medical records. I know most of this IEP is going to be them talking and me listening and making notes. I've spend the whole weekend going through this weekend and toolkit to get ready. We'll hit 28 missed school days as of the date of the meeting, and my primary focus is rectifying that. I'll keep you updated, thanks again for your help!
  3. I'm sorry, I should have clarified. The discharge paperwork from the RTF (included with the IEP) says they are ready for a less restrictive environment.
  4. The old IEP has the placement at a special needs day school in Kansas. Current supports and services are: transition services, life skills, adaptive physical education, special education services, health services, extended time to complete assignments, multiple, individual breaks, modified work load, headphones, questions read out loud, assist in understanding prompts, fidgets, calculator. I've met with the supervisor and she only continually repeats that the school is not an appropriate placement, not why, despite saying they can provide comparable services but won't (because it's not an appropriate placement). I have written parental concerns letter almost weekly, usually also using it to summarize a phone call the supervisor wanted instead of continuing the conversation via email. I have pointed out the regression (although the supervisor says the hospital stay is why they couldn't do anything). I have asked what needs to happen, she only responds that my child cannot attend the school. She said she was going to set an IEP meeting, and I believe she even mentioned a date, but has not sent out any notice of meeting as of now. I have spoken with the ConsultLine (this morning), who has just now sent a letter on my behalf to the supervisor, the person for monitoring and improvement, and the person for the bureau of special education. She also provided me with a complaint form. I'll look into the facilitated IEP meetings, thank you for that! I never dreamed it would be so difficult to even get my child through the front door of the school.
  5. We recently moved here from Kansas, and my child has an existing IEP. They were discharged from a residential facility prior to our moving because 1)we were moving to PA and 2) they felt my child was ready for a less restrictive environment. The current district has had the IEP since August 30th. We moved here on September 16th. As of today, my child still has not attended school or been provided with any educational opportunities. We have not had an IEP meeting, there have been no evaluations, the school personnel have never met my child, and as of this morning the person most heavily involved in refusing to allow my child to attend school had yet to read the IEP. I have been emailing them regularly trying to get updated information and they either don't respond or give excuses as to why they can't move forward. They referred us to an outside placement, but that facility determined my child was not a good fit. The school has made additional suggestions for placement that also do not seem appropriate. Basically, what do I do now? My child not attending school has resulted in a 2 week stay at a hospital and I don't feel like we're any closer to a resolution than when I first began this process. Any help or insight is appreciated!
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