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  1. I need help finding the supporting legal definition of “school-endorsed activity.” As I understood from IDEA 34 C.F.R. §§ 300.320, 300.107, and 300.117, IEPs also cover extracurricular activities as long as the activity is endorsed by school. What is the litmus test to determine if an activity is endorsed by the school? I would appreciate if you could provide as much detail as available for this test as extracurricular activities take so many different shapes and forms. Sometimes the activity is free to the students, sometimes there is a fee but the school allows the group to meet in the school grounds for free or just a symbolic fee, sometimes the activity has a fee but it is only for district students, sometimes the activity is fee-based but is scheduled during school hours and students’ attendance is waived. As expected, school claims that after-school activities are not covered by IEPs because they are no mandatory, not part of the curriculum, and not for a grade. Therefore, no para support or any services will be provided. I am looking at a particular after-school club right now but would need the detailed definition for other school activities that might be structured differently. Thank you!
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