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  1. Hi there. I just received the first copy of my daughter's IEP. For the most part, everything looks how it should. It is missing three important things. One being an executive function goal. Then two accommodations were not included, 1. No reading outloud in class 2. extended time on tests My daughter is in the 10th grade and recently diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. I emailed the team and heard back from one special educator saying that she is adding the executive function goal of helping my daughter with finishing and turning in assignments. That was it, nothing about the 2 accommodations that I requested. Both are very important especially the no reading aloud. It causes great stress and anxiety. I believe it should be in the IEP even if the teachers are all following this request. It should be in there, right? If I am denied this being put in the IEP, do I ask for it to be put in a PWN? Thanks
  2. Thank you. This is so appreciated. And yes, you're correct, they have not done an evaluation since 5th grade.
  3. Thank you for your response. I have read that blog post numerous times. This site is of immense help. However, they already have her evaluation in their possession. I do not want the school doing an evaluation of her. The independent eval is as good as it gets. I sent her to the exact same center that the district uses themselves so they very well shouldn't be denying the validity. Plus, it doesn't sound like they are according to her guidance counselor who spoke directly with the special education director. He said to send a referral letter and list what accommodations I feel would best help her succeed. Which wouldn't be the same letter as a typical starting request. That's where I'm stuck. I have found one online that looks to be sufficient. I was just hoping that someone here had some better ideas.
  4. Hi everyone. I did not do this evaluation journey the way I was supposed to. Ok, here's the dilemma. My daughter is a Sophomore in high school. Struggles to keep up. Great behavior, not a problem at all. (which has not worked in her favor) In 5th grade I asked the school to do an evaluation. It showed no learning disability. I was also nicely told that "she's really smart and I need to give her more credit." Her difficulty was with reading fluency. Always just below grade level but despite interventions and at home reading she just couldn't catch up. The end of 9th grade, after many hours of us working together on weekends catching her work up. Myself reading to her, her completing the work. I decided to jump over the school and go straight to the center that the school uses to do outside evaluations. This center did a day long evaluation, told me her main learning disability is dyslexia in reading and writing. The full report took them 10 weeks to complete. So infuriating. I have yet to get a date of when they will even go over the report with me. Most of it, I can understand but some of it is foreign. The report showed dyslexia, inattentive ADHD, and SLD in math calculation The school guidance counselor has been in communication with the Special Education director. He told her that he needs a formal referral email from me and he wants a list of accommodations the I feel would be helpful for her. Since this isn't the tradition way of getting accommodations IEP/504, how best do I write this letter? I think an IEP is best and that is what I want to request. I think that she needs accommodations and modifications until she knows how to use the accommodations. Then the modifications can be lifted. I also want them to teach her to read the correct way. (which I believe would need an IEP) So I guess I'm asking advice on how best to word this email. Should it be two emails? One with a request for accommodations and a second with an accomodation list. Kind of like a parent concerns email? Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and respond.
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