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  1. My case manager of IFSP called to talk about sons future transition at age 3. They said that his service options based on experience of other meetings would be 1) privately drive my child to school for his speech services. Which due to family situation cannot be done. 2) attend a private daycare system where they will arrange speech services or 3) continue his speech services, but pay independently. I thought FAPE is responsibility of LEA, so there should be discussion of transportation there or other options. Is there law that says age three parents need to transport for FAPE services?
  2. The general law is that a student record is anything that affects their IEP or education that is stored in school. Though not stated, would that also allow the record of their special education teacher attendance? Though not a record of the child it effects their FAPE when there is not a properly certified staff member giving their instruction.
  3. I am a parent in IFSP process and have taught special education for 18 years. My current school administration all have told me the following in various conversations, most involving MDRs. They say since an LEA has power to make deciding vote when IEP team cannot agree, and they are a member of the IEP, they can disagree for whatever reason from ALL other members of the team, and claim team disagreement and make their decision final. I have tried to look up laws and regulations from my state of North Carolina and Federal guidelines, but cannot find documents that refute this hogwash. Can anyone advise?
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