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  1. The previous IEP (which I was not involved in at all) is very vague with literally everything. I'm insisting on much more explicit language in this one. The Special Educator is OG trained. But it's not particularly helpful if she's not getting the instruction...
  2. Thanks! This is all exactly what I was thinking, but they have been pushing back so hard I wanted to be 100% sure.
  3. I am working with a family to ensure their 3rd grade student is receiving the supports she needs to learn how to read. She is dyslexic, and is not reading on grade level. The previous IEP was not done well (which the school admitted to), and progress was not monitored at all last year. However, the IEP does say that she is to receive 30 minutes 4x per week of "classroom instruction" that is outside general education. (Trust that the next IEP will be more specific.) The issue at this point is that she hasn't received this "outside general education INSTRUCTION" since, as far as we can tell, November. However, the school is refusing to share actual dates and times she DID receive this service this year. (We literally just asked AGAIN in an email and the response was "we have not refused to provide any information"...while, in fact, refusing to provide the information asked for.) For all of January, we were told that she was pulled out for testing, a teacher was absent, there were snow days, etc. When asked how "testing" accounts for "instruction" we were told that the Special Educator doesn't have time to do both. (Ok, I understand. I've been there. You can't clone yourself. However, this child is now further behind in reading, and is not getting the services on her IEP.) The school is saying that because they provided 3 hours of testing one week, that makes up for an hour another week, etc. The Special Ed supervisor for the school district is now involved, and is doubling down on the "proctoring testing counts as this OGE instruction time". And we're left with a child falling further behind. Any suggestions? In the IEP meeting last week, we did not ask for an increase in services- just that she actually receives what actually is on her IEP- and they told us they would have to adjourn the meeting for a time when the supervisor could be there.
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