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  1. Thanks for the info! We are with a non-profit, not military. Sorry if I shouldn't have posted here? I agree it's most likely impossible or very costly. The school just doesn't have the expertise to test, correct. I'll give them IEP examples and see what they can do...seems that's reasonable. Thank you all!
  2. We are from the US but live overseas for 3-4 years at a time. The little American-style school my daughter, age 6 with Down syndrome, attends wants an official IEP which they don't feel qualified to make themselves. Are there any (free?) testing resources the teachers could do that would point them in the right direction? Or could we build on the last one she had done, due to expire in October? This is not a legal requirement for them. They just want to know how to help with measurable goals. (Seems to me there are a lot of books and resources on how to help kids with Ds, but they want specifics.) Any help is appreciated!
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