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  1. My son has high functioning autism and ADHD. He receives services at his school via an IEP. In his IEP, it states that he struggles with appropriate social communication. He has a goal to work on this, along with an FBA in the works to address behavior in the classroom. His behavior can be disruptive, such as talking back or out of turn. The behavior interventions haven't been followed through with fidelity by all teachers, so some teachers do better with him than others. There are end of the year 5th grade activities planned. The students and parents signed a behavior contract stating that their conduct grade cannot drop below a C and they cannot be referred to the office, or they lose the privilege of these activities. My son has good days and bad days, where on the bad days he can lose alot of points and there has been the threat of a referral "next time" he talks out of turn. My question, is legally speaking, are they able to hold him to the same behavior contract as the other students? He is working on social behavior on his IEP. I asked the AP at the school and she says that they can prohibit him even with an IEP with behavior goals.That the behavior contract is the same for ALL students. Any suggestions and advice you can offer would be so helpful. We live in Florida if that makes a difference.
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