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  1. My child has a service dog who attends school when me and my husband are available to serve as her handler. We had a meeting and approved a basic sample letter letting the families know that she would be attending. The next day, the counselor and principal sent out a letter to the entire grade stating that "As part of his 504 plan, *my childs's name* will be accompanied by a trained service dog..." It also included my child's full name and that the SD "provides *my child's name* with increased independence, confidence, and emotional support..." We did not approve my child's full name (they asked) and definitely would not have approved sharing about my child's 504 if they had asked. Also, the SD is not even mentioned in my child's 504. We also did not approve them sharing what the SD does for my child. My child has also been severely bullied this year and this could add fuel to the fire. We have notified the district, but where do we go from here?
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