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  1. Hello Carolyn. Thank you for answering my question. My daughter does have a 1:1. And an IEP. It is why I’m very concerned because usually this is happening while teacher is out. We had IEP two weeks ago and I addressed this concern. The special ed teacher said all staff is highly trained and that my daughter is just very fast and very strong. They also said legally they cannot restrain her. So they try to redirect her to safely or to her activities. my daughter has no safety awareness and is very accident prone. And at this point I don’t trust aids or school staff with her safety.
  2. Hello. My daughter is 6 yrs old in first grade. She is diagnosed with severe autism and ID. She keeps getting hurt at school. First there was an incident where they said a kid ran into her. She came home with swollen black eye. Second she swallowed a ballon, and most recent she smashed her finger and hit her head. she is non verbal she cannot tell me what is really happening. I’m at a loss I don’t feel she is safe at school. I almost don’t want to send her back. Any advice will be greatly appreciated it. thank you
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