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  1. "Compensatory services are required to remedy any educational or other deficits that result from the student with a disability not receiving the evaluations or services to which they were entitled. " This is a quote from a US Dept of ED. So I would say yes, you should expect to get compensatory services. Here is the link. https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/factsheet-504.html#:~:text=Compensatory services are required to,to which they were entitled.
  2. Good news for this 6th Grader... He is exempt from doing IXL and we got the school to purchase the complete package of Barton lessons. The parent wrote a very compelling response to the PPWN that challenged some of the incorrect statements. Within hours the school changed their position. In addition, we got him an AT Assessment, thanks to your suggestions. So all of our primary problems have been resolved. The only outstanding issues are two teachers who think this boy is looking for excuses and just needs to buckle down and get his work done. Thanks again for all those who responded and all of you who care.
  3. I am helping parents of a 2nd grade boy who has been on an IEP since the beginning of this school year. He has intense sensory issues especially noise and touch. He screams, bites, destroys property and on occasion will elope, but at the same time very likable. He is being evaluated for autism. His aggression has caused some injury. He has had a FB and a BIP. He is getting services at school from a Behavior Therapist and Occupational Therapist. He is on medication. There was an incident that triggered a manifestation determination and it was determined that it was related to his disability and then a short time later another incident occurred and the school decided to place him on half days. This was not determined at an IEP meeting. The Principal presented a document to her in the parking lot and the frustrated parent signed it on the hood of her car. The Principal did suggest she take it home and think about it, but she signed it anyway. We know that this decision for shortened days must be made at an IEP meeting. The primary questions is, what is the responsibility of the school when the child is home all afternoon with no direction or guidance? Parents both work so it is a nightmare for them.
  4. I am helping a parent who has a 6th grade boy that has severe dyslexic. The small, rural school uses IXL an online practice tool that supplements learning. It is rigorous and takes point away when students get an answer wrong. Teachers like it because it provides them immediate feedback on progress, parents dislike it because it demoralizes their children. The parent I am helping can do homework for 4-5 hours each night, sometimes until 12:30 at night. In addition to IXL assignments there are other assignments example. Assigned today/due tomorrow: Social studies chapter Poem sheet 2 Reading IXLs Atmosphere book Science worksheet 1/2 The school is very proud of their high state ranking and will make small concessions but are very reluctant to compromise their proud approach. Is there anything that can be done to reduce this homework overload for a student who takes significant more time to complete assignments yet is still quite bright and capable. We don't want to modify the curriculum, but provide sensible accommodations without jeopardizing his academic status. Please offer up some opinions and ideas.
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