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  1. Hi! I’m Mallory Pacheco, and I’m an IEP Family Advocate and Consultant. I have spent 10+ years navigating Medicaid/Katie Beckett, private health insurance, Early Intervention, public school special Ed, and private service providers. I have voraciously researched and consumed any information I could get on my child’s diagnoses and how to work within the systems that don’t always work for them. I will take that same energy and tenacity to advocate for your own child. I believe in clear communication and accountability, and I strive to build better connections between schools and families to ensure everyone is on the same page and operating in the best interest of the child. I specialize in Autism, ADHD, behavior, and dysgraphia, but I will help anyone that needs it. My website is www.aquidneckiep.com or you can book directly with me at www.aquidneckiep.as.me
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