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    This is the email I received. I wasn't even a part of the meeting for the behavioral plan like I asked to be.
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    10yr old asd level 1, severe inattentive adhd, anxiety I found out the other day by a parent that has started volunteering in my 10yr old son's classroom, that he has been eloping from the classroom. On this particular day he did it twice. She asked the teacher if he does it often. Teacher told her 2-3 times a week! The school has NEVER told me about this! She said the students were busy doing group work and the teacher was walking around. Then the teacher saw my son was gone, called the office and after a few minutes they found him around the bathrooms. I have sent two emails and stated I wanted to have a meeting and discuss putting a safety plan in place. Yesterday while picking up my son the teacher came out from around the corner and said she was speaking to the special Ed instructor about this. I told her I wanted a meeting with everyone there What should I do? I do not have proof this has been happening all year. I only have this parents word.
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