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  1. Thank you for confirming that 1:1 para CAN provide chunked out teacher's instructions and instructional supports (part of academic supports). I was surprised when the case manager with many years of experience and the principal and school team stuck to the point that 1:1 are not allowed to and should not be expected to provide anything instructional in terms of supports. I'll put the burden on them.
  2. My third grade child in PA has a 1:1 for academic supports but school is saying that anything instructional isn't allowed for 1:1 to provide because that's the teachers/therapists role. Where can I find information to counter their argument. They won't even let the 1:1 chunk down instructions. My child can't follow multi-steps instructions and if 1:1 can't provide it when GenEd teacher is giving instructions throughout the class, how would she process information? Chunk down instructions is in the SDI but the 1:1 needs to be allowed to do it throughout the day. Is there a kind/title for the paraprofessional that I could request for that exist in PA in which that type of 1:1 could provide instructional supports? They said only prompting and redirecting. Performing the first math problem (model/demo) to support task initiation has also been denied even though that 1:1 is in math class with all the students. I've read the paraprofessionals blog but wondering if that applies to my child's situation. That is, if I can request for a SpEd para in PA or that all paras should be able to provide instructional assistance.
  3. Do I need to have an IEP meeting to decline IQ and standardized tests? I've read and decided to decline these 2 types of tests. Requesting for clear information from the school is like pulling teeth so I'd like to learn about the typical process for declining specific tests. Is an email sufficient? Do I have to state reasons? Are there forms to filled out, sufficient?
  4. I'd like to request for "safety assessments" for during bus arrival, bus departure, recess, and school hallways because my daughter elopes. Also during fire drills because my daughter freezes sometimes instead of leaving the building. Is "crisis training" part of school safety assessments? School may do the bare minimum but wanted to have an idea of what's involved in school safety assessments and put in an effective request.
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