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  1. Ive decided to retain an advocate/attorney after years of IEP's that have failed or failed to be followed. Ii don't know enough to do it myself and I finally figured that out. Right now I need to request an IEP meeting not just to change goals but because the BII in the current IEP hasn't been assigned nd there are so many other things te school is failing to follow through with. My question is...Should I write the IEP request with a parental concern letter and check off the box that I will be bringing an advocate with me or should I have her request the IEP. I don't want to be too aggressive but then again it's my failure to be aggressive that has my son not getting what he needs.
  2. Sorry, I can't find anywhere else to ask this question. I purchased the toolkit back in Nov 22 and want to reprint it. I found the original in my history but if there are updates am I still able to access the digital boost for upcoming revisions etc? Can I purchase that without buying the toolkit all over again? I'm sorry for asking such a consumer support question here..I dont know the rules yet. Any help would be great. I have a consultation with an advocate today for the first time and I want to have all my ducks-in-a-row and be organized.
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