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  1. South Carolina ACESD & OSEP Townhall dates Please copy and share! The OSEP requires each state to engage stakeholders in the target-setting process, including the examination and revision of SPP targets and improvement activities. To achieve the goal of meaningful stakeholder engagement, the OSES will host a series of virtual statewide stakeholder meetings. Please publicize to interested parties; i.e., parents of children with disabilities Please see Memo for Zoom meeting links and dates. https://ed.sc.gov/newsroom/school-district-memoranda-archive/state-performance-plan-spp-annual-performance-report-apr-stakeholder-involvement/state-performance-plan-spp-annual-performance-report-apr-stakeholder-involvement-memo/?fbclid=IwAR0SwRyTHH_b_IkRSmeJKVjv1VyocmVOuWHKJJjKDV0hSEMYN30FbeyjYWA (ACESD) Advisory Council for Educating Students with Disabilities has virtual meetings. There is an opportunity for Public Comment. Please refer to the link to respond. https://ed.sc.gov/districts-schools/special-education-services/oversight-and-assistance-o-a/acesd/#:~:text=The South Carolina Advisory Council,Data and reports 27701_SPP.APR Stakeholder Involvement Memo 10.11.22.pdf
  2. Share your opinion about IDEA. In person Columbia event. See flyer for details.
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