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  1. Basically just say at the IEP meeting we asked for the following items (then list what you asked for that they said no to), please provide us with the PWN for all of these items. And then expect the PWN to be stupid...but you are building the paper trail.
  2. Also depending on the situation and why they feel the need for this much administration it can work in your favor...our District SPED director has come to some meetings and actually gotten the school to realize that I am correct with what I am asking for. (IE agreed on ESY, but I said we would be gone for the traditional time frame, and the school tried to be all too bad so sad, but director stated that since we agree on ESY it can be done outside the normal). Also we tend to have both principals involved because kiddo is a behavior so having both means they are both on the same page when problems happen. With that said be prepared and know the laws and what your kiddo needs with data.
  3. It is a paper trail, I know it feels like the meeting is the most important things but the meeting is just the beginning. Start gathering the data for what you feel like your child needs and the PWN is part of that data gathering. You get the school having to write out why they are saying no (again usually its just a because we said so) but it is evidence. Then you start working to get the data to prove them wrong (perhaps an IEE perhaps just evidences from other things). Is this the first IEP? If so they can not move forward without agreement but yes for any other IEP they can move forward and that is why you need the PWN. IF this had to go before a judge you want all the information that the school is refusing reasonable parental input a PWN does that. Yes it sucks that it means this is going to take longer as a process but it is a process and this is just 1 step. Get the PWN to show you tried to participate and they refused everything you tried to tell them. I have been there and honestly got the really ridiculous PWN of we won't because we said so but I was able to use that to eventually get my kid what she needed. (And some people have had schools when told to put it in the PWN suddenly change their minds and put it in the IEP so you may win anyway if you ask for the PWN).
  4. It's time to get a Prior Written Notification (PWN)...write down all the things you asked for that they said no to...and tell them you want them to be addressed in a PWN. Note this PWN will likely basically say we said no because we said no and we will keep saying no...but getting it in writing is what is important.
  5. I found out at back to school night (which was after school started) that my child has been assigned a 1 on 1 aide, this is NOT in his IEP. I don't even know what to think or do about this? I have asked for an IEP meeting (that they keep refusing to hold) but what should I be asking about this 1 on 1 and her role. TIA!
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