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  1. Hi, I'm trying to determine the best path forward for my child. He has had an IEP for 2 years, was evaluated to enter Kindergarten in Sept 22, but due to delays and a birthday just a few days before the cutoff, we opted to pull him out of the district and into a private preschool program. We are now about to re-enter the district for the fall and strongly feel he is ready for a general education classroom but also needs to maintain his IEP through kindergarten and then reassess with the goal of focusing on increasing social skills as well as OT and some speech concerns. The ICR placement is not at our home school and we feel he would benefit from transitioning schools once over the next 1.5 years vs twice. Making friends, familiarity of building, routine, staff etc... this will all help him thrive. How can I best make this point to the CST? All of our private therapists and developmental pediatrician / current teachers all agree this is the right placement for him, now we just need to make the case for the CST. Help!
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