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  1. Hi, I need an IEE for my 10th grader who has always gotten PE at the school district. The school district has labeled her as specific learning disability in math and written expression. I don’t know why I never asked for a diagnosis. I just assumed the SD would give me one. I want to know if my daughter is dyslexic, she has struggled with phonics and writing and reading since 1st grade. I also want to know if she has dyscalculia. If I let the SD reevaluate her, I’m going to get more of their generic wording. What do I do? How do I ask for an outside IEE and use the best wording to get it approved. She hasn’t really been meeting all of her goals in past years, but this year has gotten better b/c she finally has an amazing special ed teacher who took a liking to her. What do I do? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have all of my old emails telling the principals , teachers and guidance counselors that my child needed extra math support. I even have 2 that ask for a math IEP to be put in placed and the principal pushed me off each time, saying they were doing new things and offering push in support in the classroom. Now, my daughter is in 6th grade and barely at the 4th grade level. I finally hired an advocate and fought for an IEP, not too happy with the SD evaluation report, but I am going to ask for an outside IEE, as they didn’t identify anything new in my daughter -I suspect the report and need to verify the integrity with an outside source. The IEP they put in place isn’t working-surprise! B/c my daughter is in a 6th grade math class with 4th grade skills. How should I write for comp ed? Should I pull all the emails and detail/highlight the ones where I was most ignored? I am trying to write a detailed history but it is so hard going back into almost 100 emails of concern. Does someone have any ideas to help or an example (s) to read? Thanks!
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