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  1. the parent has data that the kid cries alot at school over the last many years, there's certainly separation anxiety (which the parent is blamed for ..ofcourse but can be a kid that really can't self regulate inherently), the kid's iq doesn't match the lower performance in the classroom and recently they have self harm/si stuff and school refusal..on a young kiddo.
  2. I mean the district office is tiny so I believe when they turned in the letter to the front desk, the letter request was walked down the 15 foot hallway:) I will pass on what you said. What is killing me is I think the school psych and the principal REALLY believe that the only kids that get ED supports (or even some social-emotional services/goals under OHI) are 10 out of 10 disaster kids. I know this is not true..I have these kids!!! I know they get really important emotional reg goals and work...just not at this particular school site. If the princ and school psych are inaccurate walls in the way of access...this is massive
  3. so this is for a close pal so I need to keep this fairly generic but they handed in a IEP eval a request this AM to the district office and then met with the principal to start a 504 this afternoon (their kid needs some emotional support help ASAP) and the principal brought in the school psych and they proceeded to tell the parents that the kid could not qualify as they said he had no learning differences (they must have showed an old IQ test..only an iq test not a full neuropsych) and that they insisted that IEPs are not meant for emotional disabilities, only for academic reason. So I know this is not true..I have two ED kids in this district. The kid's struggles are acute but also there's plenty of previous data (infact that had started an eval in kinder but b/c of covid it got halted and the parents dropped it) and the kid's iq may be okay but he's not doing that well on grades either. So here's the question...the district office has the request so the clock has started. Will the DO now check with the princ/school psych and then send PWN based on this? OR will the district independently look at the situation and possibly eval DESPITE what the princ/psych said?
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