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To get us started, this club is for anyone dealing with reading difficulties or specific learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia.

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To get us started, this club is for anyone dealing with reading difficulties or specific learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia.
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    Hello All, I am doing research to help prepare my "ask" for writing interventions/accommodations for my teenager son who had dyslexia and written expression issues. Wanted to share with the group. Hope you find it useful. There are more infographics here: www.callscotland.org.uk
  3. Thank you Christy McGuire. I am using equipped for reading success and toe by toe. I just started stride ahead. My school says they are going to offer tutoring services for English language arts and They still don't believe she needs district reading services but they will they will help with reading comprehension at this point. I will take what ever I can get
  4. Your child can qualify for services with the school using a discrepancy model. (Page 5 of this does a great job of explaining this model: https://fs24.formsite.com/edweek/images/WP-n2y-The_Shortest_Distance_Between_Two_Points_Is_RTI.pdf.) There is a lot of difference between fluency (8th percentile) and IQ of 133 (99th percentile). If they will not remediate, will they accommodate? What about an IEE paid by the school since you feel the recommendations aren't appropriate? IMO, you will help the anxiety when you fix the limits your child has with accessing school. Does your child have audiobooks/textbooks as an accommodation?
  5. Hi! My first question is, how qualified is the last OG tutor that she worked with? I would want my child evaluated by a Fellow of the Orton-Gillinhgam Academy or a fully certified CALT before I settled that we had done everything there was to do. OG should take 4 years at max to get the child to an appropriate level. Frankly, I am suspicious of the school's story there. That said, yes, a student can learn to read and still have low oral fluency. A good SLP may be able to help with this. EF is part of Dyslexia, so I'm not sure what where they are going with that particular argument. As for the Anxiety, I would go with your mom gut. For our family, Polyvagaal or Demartini based therapy has been much more effective than the more commonly available Cognitive Behaivor Therapy. The CBT amounted to "try harder" which clearly wasn't the issue. But again, you and she know more about her feelings than they do. If she doesn't think she's anxious, and you don't that's it, it probably isn't. I hope that helps.
  6. Since 2nd grade my child has had a SLD in reading. Now in 8th grade after years in OG training, the school is removing the label from the IEP after reevaluation. Fluency scores are 8th% or lower for all types of fluency but reading scores are high. Reading comprehensive is 68th% which is low compared to oral comprehension of 99.5%. Full scale IQ is 133 and has second catagory of gifted. Since Fluency scores in reading and writing are so low, my child continues to need extra time, notes, audiobooks etc...Reevaluation is concluding that EF and anxiety are causing the delay in reading fluency and labeling as Other Health Issues (OHI). Research I found says reading fluency is not affected by anxiety but other areas are-- other areas that were high on reevaluation would be affected by anxiety. Reading teacher does not think fluency will improve with more OG. Now the district is cutting reading services in half and took away all reading goals on new IEP. They are also adding Counseling and Resiliency to the IEP. This does not seem right to me but I don't know. Can someone who is dyslexic learn to read but still have very low fluency? Can fluency be improved? Can EF and Anxiety cause problems with just reading and writing fluency with every other area tested being very high? Data from reevaluation on anxiety is 2 teachers ratings at clinically significant level. Mom and student ratings were not at that level. My child does want to do well and school work will cause some anxiety. I'm not sure how to respond to the new IEP. If we try it thier way and it does not improve is it harder to fix it? The school is already cutting her reading services because another student is with the teacher now 2 days taking half of my child's time on those days. So, they school does not seem to have the staff needed to help either. Any thoughts, experience or ideas would be helpful. Thanks!
  7. Hi! In my state, public school does not help with Dyslexia for homeschoolers. I would verify that your state is different before I put too much more effort into testing. There are several good programs that are available that you could use in your homeschooling. Heggerty, Logic of English, All about Reading, Sunday are some that are popular in the Homeschool community and often work well.
  8. I sent you a message with my email.
  9. I forgot to mention that I am homeschooling and I am using equipped for reading success and toe by toe I am hoping to start stride ahead I just don't know if the school should do something because she does have an iep
  10. I think it was a full evaluation they did speech and language testing gort5 wiat4 and the wisc5 she does have a dyslexia diagnosis and was recommended Wilson or og a few years ago but the school didn't agree but she hasn't made progress maybe if you want to help me look at the testing.
  11. Thank you I am trying to get an IEE but they won't do a neuropsych just the educational testing I am having a hard time finding someone who takes my insurance and state rate. She does have a dyslexia diagnosis and was recommended for Wilson or og.I will ask about RTI but I am homeschooling.
  12. Hi Kendra. Did the school do a full special education evaluation? Or did they just give him a couple of reading tests to measure his reading levels? If they did not do a full evaluation, then I would start by asking for a full special education evaluation for SLD. If they did do a full special education evaluation they should've done other tests as well that tested the underlying cognitive processes that are involved in helping us learn to read. Let me know. I will be happy to help you understand the data (if there is more), or to get you started on requesting a full special education evaluation.
  13. Many school psychologists are not trained to identify reading problems and, unfortunately, they are the people who do evaluations for sp ed. Layer on top of this that the "skills" teachers teach in the early grades are the things non-readers do to mask their reading disability which will make it harder to figure out who is disabled. In your shoes, I would request an IEE done by someone trained to identify a reading issues that includes dyslexia. Any person in the 7th percentile for word reading fluency and comprehension, IMO, needs more testing to see why that component is so low. One test cannot be used to say a student is dyslexic so there should be a deeper dive when you see scores like this. https://adayinourshoes.com/iee-independent-education-evaluation/ You will probably need a neuropsychologist to do the IEE. One thing you can request in the short term is RTI or MTSS in reading. This is a gen ed program and given your child's low scores, they should meet the criteria for this sort of help even though the school's eval said IEP level of intervention isn't needed.
  14. How do I know if my high schooler really needs help with reading the school said no because gort5 was at about a 16 percentile to 14 percentile wiat4 pseudo decoding was like 21 percentile. But word reading fluency and reading comprehension was below 7th percentile wiat4 said the reading level was at about the 4th or 5th grade level. I do think most of the problems are with fluency and comprehension but should the school have provided a specialized reading program for this. It's just so hard to know with out being able to afford a advocate or anything.
  15. Yeah, I agree, I didn't want my child to "be the best". I will admit to wanting them to have the best, which in my mind was eauivalent to happy. I haven't met many Dyslexic families who feel the dyslexics faced only "some" struggle though.
  16. I don't feel that parents really want 'the best for their child' (#6 in the article). When a student is the best in their class, that can come with another set of issues like boredom. A student who isn't being taught anything new doesn't learn how to learn. When things get harder and they lack this ability, self-esteem tends to take a hit. The end result is a gifted child not reaching their full potential as well as the mental health issues that come with low self-esteem. They may end up setting a low bar for themself because they feel they don't know how to get to a higher bar. What I've said about middle school is students want to fit in yet stand out at the same time. IMO, parents want this too. They want their child to have a 'just right' education. There needs to be a bit of struggle for growth to happen and a student with the need for special ed needs to be identified early so they don't stand out..like being the only one who hasn't finished the chapter when the discussion starts.
  17. Yes! There is so much more to it than just basic reading, isn't there? And, yes, it can be emotionally taxing. Society just doesn't make room for these kids like it should.
  18. Some things I would add are 1 dyslexia doesn't just end at the end of the school day. It can effect other areas of life like talking to friends processing directions. 2 dyslexia does not just mean a complete inability to read even when they learn how to read they may still have trouble reading they may have read something more than once to understand they may only be able read things of high interest to them. They my have trouble understanding complicated text. 3 it can be emotional exhausting at times
  19. The article really resonates for me. What else do you think people don't realize about raising kids with Dyslexia etc? https://www.understood.org/en/articles/7-things-i-wish-people-knew-about-parenting-kids-with-dyslexia?_sp=78baebda-7e93-419b-b416-ffeafbf7914f.1665544102116
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